Problem: As the first and only shopping centre of Manisa, Magnesia continues its efforts to create more global brand messages. Despite working with networking agencies, the productions made with stock visuals could not bring positive Results.

Solution: The brand was directed towards local marketing messages. A channel of communication was established over Tarzan of Manisa, a local value. The characterisation of Tarzan of Manisa gathered great sympathy in the region.

Result: The new strategy resulted in a significant rise in number of visitors. This helped the brand to be embraced by the local people.

On weekends the people of Manisa used to prefer a competitor shopping centre located in Bornova, Izmir. Magnesia turnover suffered on weekends. In a guerrilla event, windshield brochures with the text "We are cross with you" were distributed to cars with Manisa plates in car parks of competitor shopping centres in İzmir. 

This activity made a significant effect, ranging from social media awareness to grapevine…