Problem: Kırçiçeği demanded to reach to young population by maintaining the traditional perception. 

Solution: All branches of the brand were visited individually, and special messages were prepared for each branch. The brand touched the young population by virtue of more amusing messages. 

Result: The number of visits by young population increased significantly, and the young were attracted to branches especially by means of competitions.

Digital Campaign: New loves hitting on Lahmacun!

Tinder matching campaign made an overwhelming impression for brand of Kırçiçeği due to 14 February St. Valentine's Day.

The users at Tinder were matched with Kırçiçeği products one week to 14 February (Lahmacun, Pide with minced meat, tripe soup)

We made the products speak on Tinder platform:

Lahmacun: Hello, I'm Lahmacun, your first love. I'm too anguished today because I'm alone. If you are alone like me, we can share our grief at Kırçiçeği restaurants on 14th February. In case that you write me an answer, I maybe would let you eat me.

Tripe Soup: Hello, I'm Tripe Doup, your first love. Vinegar and garlic left me, I feel so lonely. If you would like to have your finger in the pie, we can meet at Kırçiçeği restaurants on 14th February Then I can even let you eat me.

Pide with minced meat: Hello, I'm pide with minced meat, your first love. Today I have just come from oven as single portion. If you are single portion like me, we can meet at Kırçiçeği restaurants. Then I can even let you eat me.