Coordinat Bornova

Problem: Despite having completed many successful projects, the company failed to achieve their goal of branding.

Solution: After meticulous studying the issue, Brainworks team started their efforts by writing up a basic relations strategy and vision for DRC Group.

In this stage the brand of Coordinat was created. The brand value was envisioned in advance by saying, today it is “Coordinat Bornova”, tomorrow it is “Coordinat Karsıyaka”, and maybe one day it will be “Coordinat New York”.

In order to create a difference the website extension was chosen as in order to attract all of generation (x), generation (y) and generation (z). And thus, Coordinat XYZ was born. The web site was designed in full integration of design and technologic infrastructure to distinguish it from competitors.

Promotion materials were designed, with the entire process being meticulously handled from high quality texts and visuals, to material selections and printing techniques.

In addition to printed and digital media, advertisements were displayed in cinema trailers in theatres hosting the target audience.

The largest contributions in regard of project development and marketing includes;

1) Attribution of the characteristic of first and only subscription free complex of Turkey; and

2) Integration of 1+0 model reflecting Scandinavian architecture in the project on basis of the need=benefit formula with regional analyses, current data and insights.

Face-to-face sales organisation was established with a strong and meticulous presentation infrastructure.

Result: A sustainable brand value was created. The contractor company was helped to achieve 33% of the expected turnout. With the prepared sales strategy, 226 of the 500 domiciles were sold in a period as short as 2 months without any launch event.