Problem: Despite being the largest chemical specialisation and organised industrial zone of Turkey and being situated on an area of 10,000,000 m2 in Aliaga, one of the most strategic regions of Turkey, Alosbi IZ was unable to achieve the success it desired in financial figures and parcel sales. Beacuse it still lacked a corporate identity.

Solution: Under visionary approach of the new management and team, Brainworks undertook corporate brand identity and marketing consulting for the IZ. A brand story with the motto "Everything starts with a drop" was created for Alosbi, and preparations were made for complete brand identity and regional designs.

Result: Name of Alosbi became significantly well known among large foreign industrial entities, achieving brand awareness in contrast of other industrial zones lacking their own branding, thus turning into a centre of attraction. The significant increase in parcel sales seen after this process led to complete capacity utilisation in the zone.