Sme Branding Center draws a long-term road map, adding holistic, consistent, distinctive effect to its brand value in the steps taken for developing work, making difference in product and services, shortly institutionalizing. It determines a strategy that clearly separates the brand from its competitors.

Sme Branding Center contributes to the development of the companies through providing with institutionalization with brand management specialists and academic staffs within the company and presents a sustainable brand portrait..

Analysis of Current Situation

In this analysis, it is focused on enterprises to better understand themselves. The current status is is reported to the firms, and prospective opportunity evaluation analyzes are also emerged at this point.

Analysis current situation of marketing activities

Analysis of current situation of sales - marketing

Analysis of current situation of visual identity

Analysis of current situation of public relations

Analysis of current situation of communication language

Institutionalization and Sustainability

The aim is to integrate the management and business models developed by K.M.M, structured in corporate companies into the structure of the existing company, and to establish the brand's corporate culture with the strategy of establishing a specific effective management system and establishment culture of the brand for the company's structure.

In-House Branding

In order for an enterprise to be a brand, it must firstly be branded in itself, in other words, it should be provided that everyone from employee to the manager is aware of the brand and that they can see the business they are working on at this value. From in-house correspondence standards to in-house rituals and management declarations, the aim is to ensure that every instrument is carefully designed.

Coaching Services

It covers system design, internal control mechanism, training, application and audit processes.

+ How am I branded?

+ What sort of communication language should I have?

+ How should I plan my marketing activities?

+ How can I move ahead of my competitors?

+ How can I position my company?

+ How can I develop customer loyalty?

+ What sort of brand identity should I have?

Coaching services are provided to answer the above questions.

K.M.M Training Programmes

Training activities in order to increase the quality levels and competitive capacity in way of branding have taken an important place.

Through Brainworks Academy;

Brand management

Brand strategy

Corporate communication

In-house communication culture

Visual communication hierarchy

Marketing activities

The process of training is followed with the monitoring plans of training activity.