Executive Board

Umut Saçan

Chairman of the Executive Board

Umut Saçan, born in Izmir in 1981, is the chairman of the board of the US Brainworks Inc. and chairman of the executive board.

Mr. Saçan is also the executive creative director of US Brainworks Inc..

Prof. Dr. Keramettin Tezcan

Tax Law

Professor Dr. Keramettin Tezcan, financial & nbsp; He is a member of the executive board of US Brainworks Inc. in the field of tax law.

Associate Professor, Inter-University Board - Law (Financial Law)

Ph.D., Dokuz Eylül University - Institute of Social Sciences - Finance US

Graduate, Dokuz Eylül University - Institute of Social Sciences - Finance US

University, Dokuz Eylül University - Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Finance

Amasya University - Vocational School - Accounting

Şamil Bulut

Financial advisor

He was born in Istanbul on 03.02.1979 and graduated from Anadolu University. His professional experience is 26 years.

He specializes in financial advisory activities and fulfills the accounting and financial advisory responsibilities of our company in respect of financial statement preparation, reporting, interpretation, financial records and financial statements auditing and analysis. Şamil Bulut has the privilege of independent auditing.