Problem: İzmir Kitchen Arts Institute (IMSE), the first and only Ministry of Education approved professional cooking school of the Aegean Region, did not have a marketing plan yet. The Institute failed to reach the awareness and membership numbers it desired.

Solution: A holistic, consistent and distinguishing brand identity was created for the Institute. Awareness was increased with open air advertisements and guerrilla events. 

Perceptional mottos like “Those who like a challenge will reach success” and “Come and join the school raising the hawks of kitchen” were created. Placement messages like “You can be Einstein, you can be Mozart, but being a chef is hard” were conveyed. 

Result: IMSE turned into an Institute producing graduates with serious prospects in tourism sector of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions.

Guerilla applicaiton: for placing the seats in the cinemas before the horror film sessions, the model kitchen knife which says "See you on exit" was distributed in blood-shaped font