Problem: Built at a quality above the regional standard, the price of the project was naturally higher then the other projects in the region. The projects was way beyond its peers in quality, however all these advantages were negated due to location disadvantage. This was the abstruction before sales.

Solution: With the placement slogan of "300 seconds to everywhere!" the negative perception of the location were presented under a positive light in regard of highway connection. With the calculation showing 300 seconds equates to 5 minutes and thus it is possible to reach anywhere in 5 minutes was emphasized. The fact that the seaside front of the project will never be obstructed and will always have the magnificent view of Izmir has also contributed to the strategy.

The high quality work in media planning and with the strength of "utilising the effect", pem air billboards were utilising at minimum level, only at correct locations. The budget of the client was managed effectively in a result-oriented manner with silent film adverts shown in cinema theatres, the digital media strategy and cut-out visuals.

Result: The targeted suite sale figure was exceeded and 4 of the remaining 10 suites were sold in second week.