Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Brainworks Global? What does it do?

Brainworks Global is not an agency. It applies, itself, the ideas and strategies that consults, applies it with the right suppliers and authors by providing the collective discipline, and follows the process/result.

It produces all design solutions in accordance with determined marketing strategies. It brings effective strategies and designs with brands. It uses marketing tactics meticulously during work with brands. It adds rational values to brands with its business development power.

It follows a multi-generalist production strategy that uses art, science, and technology.

It embodies a sustainable road map by adding holistic, consistent, and distinctive impact to the brand value that its partner targets. It distinguishes the brand from its competitors precisely and clearly.

2) What is your privilege?

It is to build sustainable brands that have achieved to be cult, and the spreading of the effect of the work, which we do, in a short time.

3) Why İzmir?

Almost 50% of the creative sector is made up of people living in Izmir. We can see this very clearly from the brains migrating from here to Istanbul and abroad. We, as people who once lived abroad and lived in Istanbul, have worked with global brands; we are here to be the companions of the commercial rise of this city we were born. İzmir is the geography of creative and free brains. We say, "The geography of creative power cannot be just Istanbul!" The fact that we receive serious business applications and job offers from Istanbul in recent times is the most up-to-date indicator of this."

Besides, we don’t say it since we are from Izmir; here, there is no chaos, no crowds; there is tolerance, there is love, there is respect, there is peace. In short, you have everything you need to produce. We have infrastructure and operation system more than enough that can serve all the land from İzmir.

We have a branch in Istanbul.

4) What you will do and you will never do?

+ We are Brainworks Global with what we do not do as much as what we do.

+ We do not take any work we do not get excited about and we do not do.

+ We are careful not to work with institutions and organizations that do not fit our culture and values.

+ We do not do business that is lacking in strategy and tactics and is based on sole pleasure.

+ We do not work with any person, institution or brand that is not ambitious, not pretentious at work.

+ We support ethical competition

+ It is our main goal to be a marketing-brand design company where only cultured and smart brands desire to work.

+ With our customers, we improve each process clearly. We work very fast. Our success in delivering jobs on time is 98.7%.

+ We have infrastructure, connections and strategic alliances that can campaign in Turkey and everywhere in the world.

+ We do not participate in award ceremonies and prize contests. We work with a professional team that is talented, hardworking, disciplined, decent, competent and concentrated only on his/her job, based on long term.

+ We do not work with any person, institution or brand that sees the marketing cost as an expense, not as an investment.

+ We start with annual or package deals with the institutions and brands we work with. At this point, we are only negotiating through consulting, marketing, sales, advertising and design pricings. We do not take commissions from 3rd party organizations and suppliers (printing house, production, casting, press, media purchasing, outdoor application etc.).

5) Who is your customer portfolio?

We take care to work with companies and brands that embrace communication, culture and values. Everyone can work with anyone. You can see the same brand as a reference in the portfolio of many companies of agents etc. What is important is to whom and for what you do business, i.e. the strength and quality of your work, as much as with whom you do business. We are acting only with our mission to be a marketing company where only cultured and smart brands want to work.

6) How did you create your team?

Our recruitment is done by meritocracy; everyone does business according to his ability. Steve Jobs, Gandhi and Einstein were all on their own, so do not forget it. Someone comes, changes the world. We like to be made of those people. For example, agency A has forty employees and produces three jobs. We work fewer people and produce forty jobs. This is a business that is done not by the number of people but by a brain.

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