“Fight or Flight” is the most well-known feature of our autonomic nervous system. In short, when our mind encounters an event or situation that it perceives as a threat, the desire to "survive" comes to the fore. The Galvanic Skin Response (GTR) method is a neuromarketing method that emerged from this foundation.

In short, the Galvanic Skin Response (GTR) is a way of measuring our emotional arousal (such as joy or fear) due to electromagnetic activity.

E.g; Today, we are showing some reactions with the notifications from our social media tools. Because; We are excited with notification sounds from platforms such as Instagram and Youtube.

What is GSR Measurement?

With the GSR Method, which provides important results in brand research and experiential marketing studies, participants are shown metrics that will be the subject of research and measure the reaction of the potential target audience, such as a new product or commercial that the brand wants to release. As a result of this application, the instant reactions and emotions of the participants are tested.